15 People Who Were So Thrilled to Share Their Teeth Progress

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It seems that among humans, many of us tend to have serious issues with our teeth. Other species and our fossil forebears didn’t seem to face the same problems. That’s why some of us need to have surgery or put braces on for months, if not years until our teeth are in perfect shape. But at the end of the day, the results are worth the while and money, and people can’t wait to share them with the world.

1. “Two and a half years and they’re off!”

2. “Yesterday I got my braces off just in time for my 19th birthday. It’s amazing what 2.5 years of braces can do.”

3. “Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of heart to my orthodontist for helping me to get a handsome and warm smile.”

4. “Happy 1 year braces anniversary to me.”

5. “Finally got my braces off! 17-month journey. Love my new smile!!!”

6. This is what over 2 years of braces, wisdom teeth removal, and 2 jaw correction surgeries looks like.

7. “Today marks 260 days since I got my braces put on.”

8. 13 months and a lot of powertrains later

9. “I’d like to share the fact that I got my braces off today, after a year and 2 months.”

10. “Braces, jaw surgery, and 2.5 years later. Insane.”

11. “About age 9 to age 21, I guess those 5 years of braces paid off.”

12. “Today was the day. My two-year journey is now over! Day 1 vs. today, braces free at 27yo!”

13. “One year progress!”

  • That’s so awesome. Open bites are hard to close. You must be an amazing wearer of elastics! Toadnboosmom / Reddit

14. “14 to 20! Got my braces off and stopped trying to do my own eyebrows.”

15. Before and after braces. 4 years is a long time...

16. “This is my full 20-month progression correcting a severe crossbite and crippling TMJ. Just in time for my 38th birthday.”

  • Wow they look unreal! The relief braces provide from TMJ is worth every penny. lenapalmer / Reddit

Did you ever have to wear braces in order to fix your teeth? If so, how long did you keep them on and how good did your teeth turn out?

Preview photo credit nightstalkerr / Reddit


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