13 Actors That Should Have Starred in Twilight If The Creators Wanted to Be Faithful to the Books

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The entire franchise of Twilight has made well over $1 billion worldwide from movie tickets. So, it has created and maintained a massive fan base that, even after all these years, are still obsessing over the movies’ stars. And we can’t help but imagine just how different the movies would have been if different actors had been cast. And if the actors that were cast were closer to how the books described them.

1. Daniel Cudmore as Emmett Cullen

Daniel Cudmore could’ve played the role of Edward’s brother, Emmett Cullen. At least, Stephenie Meyer hoped he would. Casting directors took her opinion into consideration, but chose a different actor. As a result, Daniel got the role of Felix, the Volturi guard.

2. Emily Browning as Bella Swan

Meyer said that Ellen Page or Danielle Panabaker could’ve played the role of Bella, but Emily Browning was her favorite option. The book author was attracted by Emily’s appearance and especially her expressive lips. But Meyer was open to other options. Her main request was that she wanted Bella to be played by only a real actress and not some pop-star.

3. Henry Cavill as Edward Cullen

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Not only was the role of Bella almost played by another actor, but Edward’s was as well. The author of The Twilight books envisioned Henry Cavill (our beloved Superman) as the perfect match for this role. However, the actor was too old to play Edward at the time of production. The character’s age was only 17, while Cavill was already 24.

4. Charlie Hunnam as Carlisle Cullen

Charlie Hunnam was on Stephenie Meyer’s wishlist as well after she saw him in Nicholas Nickleby. “He pretty much was Carlisle in that movie,” she said. However, Charlie Hunnam wasn’t interested in being in movies that involved vampires.

5. Lucy Hale as Alice Cullen

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Ashley Green was amazing as Alice, but this character could have been played by Lucy Hale. She also auditioned for Jane, the part that Dakota Fanning got in the end.

6. Steven Strait as Jacob Black

Actor Steven Strait looks exactly like Stephenie Meyer imagined Jacob. But she was concerned that he would look too mature by the time of the filming for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Meyer also believed that Tyler Posey, who became famous thanks to his role in Teen Wolf, could’ve become the second candidate for this role.

7. Vanessa Hudgens as Leah Clearwater

Vanessa Hudgens was a fan of the Twilight books, and she was hoping to get the role of Leah Clearwater. Even Ashley Greene said Vanessa would be great as Leah, but the role went to Julia Jones.

8. John Stamos as Laurent

Charming and handsome actor John Stamos could’ve played Laurent. Meyer mentioned that if John Stamos had decided to take part in the film, it would’ve become a kind of cameo for him.

9. John C. Reilly as Charlie Swan

© Twilight / Summit Entertainment, Mary Evans/Allstar/Graham Whitby Boot/East News

John C. Reilly was at the top of Stephenie Meyer’s wish list to play Bella’s father, although she admitted it was unlikely they’d be able to get him.

10. Tom Felton or Channing Tatum as Riley

Invision/Invision/East News, Invision/Invision/East News, © The Twilight Saga: Eclipse / Temple Hill Entertainment and co-producers

In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, there were several actors who were considered to play the character of Riley. The list of potential candidates was Channing Tatum and, eventually, Tom Felton. However, the producers made their choice in favor of Xavier Samuel, and the movie became his big break.

11. Tom Felton as Riley Biers

Tom Felton never actually auditioned to be in Twilight, but his fans really wanted to see him as Riley Biers and kept asking him if he’d join the cast.

12. Scott Eastwood as Edward Cullen

Scott Eastwood auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen, but it didn’t go so well. That was probably because the actor didn’t try that hard, according to his own words, because he wasn’t interested in acting in a young adult film. However, it seems like later he regretted it when he realized it turned into a multimillion-dollar franchise.

13. Joanna Krupa as Rosalie Hale

This was the case when the author was totally ready to abandon her own beliefs and choose a model over an actress. Joanna Krupa is an American fashion model with Polish roots. She had some acting experience, but she had only starred in episodes of TV shows like C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation.

Do you think the final cast was the right one or maybe some other actors could have been even better?


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