15+ Confusing Pics That Will Make You Put Your Thinking Cap On

2 years ago

Due to the angle or timing of these photos, we may perceive them as something they’re not. But these snapshots should not be taken at face value. Just like art, they are meant to be interpreted and analyzed in order for us to get the real picture.

Get ready to give your eyes and brains a little workout, because Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered these 18 photos for you to decipher.

1. “Part of the marsh dried out, and now the photo looks upside-down.”

2. “These tinted windows make it look like we’re in the ocean.”

3. “My beagle doubled in length overnight.”

4. “This sign telling me to duck...”

5. “This shadow from 2 different trees in my parking lot”

6. “We’re getting a new kitchen countertop soon. Making sandwiches will be easier.”

7. “Dogs with thumbs get adopted the quickest.”

8. “He has beautiful legs.”

9. “The lake is actually the roof of my car. Took this picture during a recent road trip.”

10. “The hole in the avocado where the seed was looks like another seed blended with the avocado’s color.”

11. “I took a photo of a bed frame I’m selling and it looks like a photoshopped image of a bed because of the lack of shadows.”

12. “When I opened the trunk, I freaked out thinking someone had stolen the cover and the spare tire. Then I remembered that I bought a mirror.”

13. “No accidents so far that I know of.”

14. “Saw these ducklings cuddling because of the cold weather today.”

15. “The Bean in Chicago is practically invisible even though you’re looking right at it.”

16. “I swear my friend was in the boat, but he somehow appears to be in the water.”

17. “This building looks like it’s just one wall of windows.”

18. “A desk lamp pointed at the wall.”

Has something ever played a trick on your eyes? Have you ever ended up with an accidental optical illusion while taking a photo?


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