15 Designs That Make People’s Lives Harder

2 years ago

When done properly, designs can incredibly improve our quality of life. On the other hand, when a poor job is done we’re left with a keyboard with letters we can’t even see or a mug that will poke you in the face with every sip you take. Unfortunately, these examples are just the beginning of a long list of questionable mistakes people came across.

Now I’ve Seen Everything showcases how important a good design is.

“My school locker can’t even fit my backpack because of those shelves.”

“We had to stop. We kept mixing our pieces...”

“I can’t find a way to hold this and not get poked in the face.”

“To the person that made such a door right in front of a toilet, I have a few questions for you...”

“That’s how I broke my leg.”

But if you cut an avocado, the film won’t help.

“My keyboard lights up, but you can’t see any letters at night.”

This toilet has a full-length mirror right in front of the urinal.

“The terrible design of my school — this is the place where every hallway intersects.”

“I’m in room 920. How do I find it?”

“I found the room. It was not between 919 and 921. It was next to 922 on another spur across the hall.”

“I’ve tripped in the kitchen but never on my way to the kitchen.”

You can’t close this window until you go outside.

“I can’t figure out which way to go.”

Don’t go too fast in this bike lane.

Another creative design for the bathroom.

What examples of terrible designs have you seen? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit zucclivan / Reddit


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