15+ Situations That Can Mess Up Your Inner Zen

2 years ago

Tolerating things that annoy us to the core isn’t easy, hence the saying “patience is a virtue.” But sometimes, we encounter situations that test our limits. Take, for example, these scenes that trigger unpleasant feelings even when we’re just looking at them on the screen.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 20 photos that may challenge your inner peace, so take a deep breath before scrolling down.

1. This door that was not “handled” the right way

2. “Got up early to make breakfast for me and my siblings to be nice. Nobody ate but me.”

3. “Went to a wedding and this was my view for the entire thing.”

4. “My parents buy reusable bags every time they shop.”

5. “Just got my bike stolen in the 45 minutes I had it locked up for in broad daylight. How’s your day going?”

6. “My son 5 seconds after saying he isn’t tired”

7. “This window at my parents’ house my whole life”

8. “These TV buttons”

9. “I was making meringues and it was 200 °F, not °C.”

10. “Rip ’em out and endure the pain for the next few days. Solves it for me.”

8. “My quesadilla is full of ants.”

10. “The guy next to me on the plane took his shoes AND socks off.”

11. “They pierce every sock with this plastic dagger that causes shredding no matter how careful you remove them.”

12. “This eye-level lighting at dinner”

13. “These barcodes don’t come off in one piece.”

14. “My pizza after I was forced to slam on the brakes by a guy who cut me off, sending my pizza to the floor.”

15. “My neighbor likes to park ’a little too close’ to the shared washing machine.”

16. “Trying to quietly open up a container like this in the middle of the night”

17. “Just finished decorating the tree.”

18. “These lights at the mall”

How has your patience been tested lately? What was your reaction?

Preview photo credit BigDaftLaddie / Reddit


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