15 People Who Ordered Things That Made Them Scratch Their Heads

2 years ago

Sometimes, you’re too exhausted to make dinner or simply don’t feel like cooking. Ordering food from the nearest restaurant seems like a perfect solution, but you might find yourself wondering what exactly you got instead of your order. The heroes of this article experienced the full range of emotions when they received their orders, and they decided to share them with the world.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as we scrolled through the photo evidence of the fact that expectations don’t always match reality.

1. “I just ordered a pizza for $20, and the toppings are in a separate box. Not on the pizza.”

2. “Birthday cake bar”

3. I asked for a chicken sandwich.

4. Hummus was filled with mold, even though it was refrigerated with an unbroken seal and bought 1 month before the expiration date.

5. Brach’s has been naughty this year.

6. The cake my soon-to-be sister-in-law ordered for our stock the bar party. What she asked for vs what we got.

7. What I ordered vs What was delivered

8. I wasn’t expecting much, but I wasn’t expecting this.

9. MIL made our toddler a cake for her birthday.

10. The Hulk has seen better days.

11. Labyrinth... Just a worm

12. “I know that it’s still frozen, but I’d expect the ingredients to at least be on a crust.”

13. “The glorious snowman ice cream cake my mom bought.”

14. “Bought these melon mochis from an Asian supermarket.”

15. “Forgot my lunch. Bought this solely because of the photo at a gas station.”

What was your most disappointing purchase? Did you return it?

Preview photo credit Cyborg-2077 / Reddit


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