20+ People Who Never Wanted a Pet but Something Went Wonderfully Wrong

2 years ago

When it comes to having a pet in the house, some people might be pretty tough to crack. But in reality, the no-pets rules never last, and those who were initially against having a dog or a cat at home often end up becoming their biggest fans. And although it may be still hard for them to admit it, it’s obvious how much these people love the new member of their family.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have gathered the most heartwarming photos that prove even those who said they would never allow a pet in the house now adore their furry friends.

1. “My dad and the dog he didn’t want to get”

2. “My dad was adamant that the cat would stay in the garage while at their house. This is day 1 of letting him inside.”

3. “Dad: ’No animals in this house!’ Also Dad:”

4. “My father, who used to hate cats, and Linus, my cat”

5. My dad didn’t want us to get a dog at first. I found this picture in his room.

6. My father is 79, and here’s how he went from ’I don’t want that cat,’ to carrying her to ’her room’ for bed each night."

7. “’No dogs in my car or on my bed,’ said my dad.”

8. “My dad didn’t like cats, and now he claims my sister’s kitten as his own.”

9. “Caught him hugging the dog he didn’t want.”

10. “’We can’t keep it.’ — my dad, 10 months ago”

11. “He never wanted a dog. Here’s how it looked 4 days after they met.”

12. “’That brown dog,’ who became ’brown dog,’ and then ’Mr. Brown,’ moved in with us. This is them 6 months later.”

13. “He’s always going to be in the way, I’ll step on him.”

14. “He was a firm opponent of hairless cats.”

15. “Dad: ’If we get a turtle, I’m not looking after it.’ Also Dad: ’Okay, Hector, let me show you pictures of your brothers.’”

16. “When he was a puppy, my mom refused to even touch him for months. Now she cooks and gives him sweet potatoes every day.”

17. “3 months after saying he didn’t want a dog...”

18. “’Pit bulls are dangerous,’ he said...”

19. “My dad said he didn’t want an iPad...or a dog.”

20. “A little while ago, my dad said, ’There’s no way we’re getting a dog.’”

21. “The dad that didn’t want a dog — my dad and the dog:”

22. “He proclaimed that cats just ’aren’t as friendly as dogs.’ Now they eat vanilla ice cream together like absolute soulmates.”

23. “Boyfriend: ’I hate cats, I’m never going to like your cats.’ Also Boyfriend: ’Salem, you are my favorite bud.’”

24. “At first he didn’t want any dogs, now we have 2.”

Were your family members ever against having pets and then changed their minds? We’d be happy to see your pictures in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit sophieem96 / Reddit


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