15+ Embarrassing Stories That Actually Happened to People in Real Life

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We all have had such moments when we are coursing through life with day-to-day incidences but we sometimes end up making harmless blunders that turn out to be embarrassing. It can be as simple as tripping on a stone while strolling randomly or as extreme as snorting pasta out of your nose while laughing to impress your date. We’ve got some hilarious stories for you below.



“I kissed my wife’s best friend. It was totally innocent and something we laughed about. My wife usually drove me to work so that I didn’t have to leave my car there for 14 hours. Once my wife’s friend gave me a lift to work and let my wife sleep. When we got to the stop, I instinctively leaned over and kissed her goodbye. She had a dumbfounded look on her face, and mine instantly turned red as I realized what I’d done. I just said, ’Sorry, it was a habit.’ My wife poked fun at me for days for putting the moves on her friend.” © LegendOfBobbyTables / Reddit



“When I was in the second grade, I was waiting for my aunt to pick me up from school. I spotted her standing outside, eating a package of cracker jacks, so I walked up and said hey before sticking my hand in the box and shoving some in my mouth. I looked up again. It wasn’t my aunt. It was some random woman with the most shocked expression on her face. I stuttered an apology and then I ran.” © BushyBrowz / Reddit




“At school, we had a prize-giving ceremony. My name gets called out, I make my way to collect my prize. I suddenly have a crisis of confidence and walk back to my chair. My friends tell me to get back there to collect my prize. So I do, but then have another crisis of confidence and think that my friends were messing with me. I walk back to my chair. The hall is silent and the teachers are looking at me like I landed from another planet.” © cat_****ard / Reddit


“I had some people over and my 4-year-old nephew starts shouting, ’Is anyone here afraid of spiders?’ Once he had everyone’s attention, he told us all that if anyone was afraid of spiders they needed to leave because he found cobwebs, and cobwebs mean spiders. He then proceeded to point out every single cobweb in the house to our guests.” © copycatcactus / Reddit


“My mom and aunt are identical twins. From behind, most people think they look exactly the same. My aunt and uncle were around for dinner and my aunt was in the kitchen preparing food when my stepdad came in, hugged my aunt from behind, and kissed her neck. All my aunt said was, ’Wrong sister.’ Everyone thought it was hilarious but my stepdad was very apologetic and embarrassed for a long time.” © B*ntChristmasTrees / Reddit


“When I was a teenager, I was a huge WWF fan, and there was a wrestler who would perch in high places inside the arena and just watch the matches for months before he made his actual debut. Because of this, I used to do the same thing, I thought it was cool. I would find high places and just perch there like a gargoyle for hours (on trees, on the roofs of people’s houses) and I would just sit there, crouched motionless, and watch people’s reactions when they would see me.” © J0nnyGreenGiant / Reddit



I had a guy come into the tire shop and ask if we had batteries for remotes as his died and couldn’t get into his car. I asked if he tried the key and he looked at me and walked out. © PM_me_ur_launch_code / Reddit



Started unbuttoning and unzipping my trousers while I walked toward the toilet, just like I do at home because I’m efficient like that. Except I was at work and was walking through the shared office. © LadyGruntfuttock / Reddit



My dentist asked his assistant to suction (the water out of my mouth). But I thought he was talking to me, so I sucked his finger. I’m mortified! © sarbeaaaar / Twitter


This morning my daughter lovingly touched my face and in the sweetest voice said “you don’t look that old mom”. © KatieDeal99 / Twitter

Preview photo credit KatieDeal99 / Twitter


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