20 Pics That Prove Any Problem Can Be Solved With a Little Creativity

2 years ago

Solving problems can be challenging. But for those who are resourceful and imaginative, fixing hitches could yield interesting results. Take, for example, these amusing hacks that people shared online, which are quite impressive and will make us wonder why we didn’t think it first.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are fans of people who can overcome challenges in a creative way, and maybe these 20 photos can give us some ideas for the next time we hit a snag.

1. “My wife fixed our remote.”

2. When your broken foot healed and you don’t know what to do with your crutches:

3. When you want to eat but don’t have a spoon:

4. He got rest and didn’t get a sunburn.

5. When it’s summer but you don’t have sandals:

6. “Needed to glue the handle back on the microwave and ’apply pressure for 30 to 60 minutes.’”

7. For those who want to work at the pool and not damage their iPad

8. How to store fresh bread using the freezer door

9. No, that’s not legal!

10. 2 ziplock bags turn into one large ziplock bag.

11. How to transport a ton of sofas without going back and forth

12. Write the name of the subject on the top so you can instantly see what they are.

13. When you need your comfort:

14. When your car key battery dies:

15. “2 circle brackets used to hang pots with some bungee cords, and I finally solved my soccer ball storage problem.”

16. Brilliant!

17. A great way to carry a jug back from the store

18. Now the walls and your feet are safe.

19. And now everyone’s happy.

20. “No more struggling to fit your hand in the container!”

Have you ever discovered any brilliant tricks? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit IntoAComa / reddit


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