18 Strong People Whose Incredible Transformations Can Boost Your Motivation

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Losing weight isn’t easy, and anyone who has ever tried to get rid of that stubborn belly fat knows it’s a long journey. Sticking to an intense workout routine and resisting the temptation to eat your favorite burger may seem unbearable, but the result is totally worth it.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know how hard it is to follow all the weight-loss rules. And we collected 18 pictures of people who never gave up and now don’t look anything like their “before” photos.

1. “Exactly 3 years ago today and I’m wearing the same skirt.”

2. “I’m completely overwhelmed right now.”

3. “I haven’t noticed the progress until today.”

4. “Getting your heart broken really does wonders.”

5. “In 2 years he’s lost 90 lb and I’ve lost 135 lb. We wanted to be healthy so we could grow old gracefully together.”

6. “Fit into a size 8 this morning, down from a 22W.”

7. “A 230-lb loss in almost 2 years”

8. “I did successfully lose 52 pounds, but my biggest accomplishment was learning to love my body.”

9. “Christmas morning 2018 vs today — seeing that photo on the left was one of my major motivations to change my lifestyle.”

10. “After a troubled few years, I’m now engaged and a counselor to the homeless.”

11. “Officially lost more than I now weigh.”

12. “My brother needed a liver transplant and was told he had 6 months to live. Today he’s the healthiest he’s ever been.”

13. “I’m no longer obese.”

14. “Last year I lost 80 pounds.”

15. “I was depressed, but last year I finally found the courage to change.”

16. “I lost 100 lb.”

17. “It’s weird how you perceive yourself. I remember thinking I looked skinny in the first picture when I took it.”

18. “Weight loss has almost stopped but my body keeps changing. Training for my first 5k!”

Which photos impressed you the most? What’s your biggest personal achievement so far? Perhaps you have an important goal for yourself that you’re trying to reach!

Preview photo credit its_britney_b*** / Reddit


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