15 Funny and Honest Truths About Parenthood You Need to Hear

year ago

Becoming a parent is like jumping into a whirlwind. Suddenly, you’re juggling mealtimes, diaper changes, and playtime, and there’s hardly any time left for yourself. It’s like being a circus performer, but instead of juggling balls, you’re juggling your kids. Thankfully, we live in the age of the internet, where experienced parents share their best and funniest tips for surviving parenthood.

1. Useful Zoom calls.

2. How to tell if your kid did something wrong.

3. A really clever way to get kids to do their chores.

4. How to get that little bit of extra sleep.

5. When your husband is really helpful.

6. How to maintain your privacy:

7. A great tip to tell if your kid is telling the truth.

8. Caring is sharing.

9. A good way of “using” your kids.

10. How to not share food with your kids.

11. How to make your kids help you.

12. Motivating kids to clean their room.

13. You never want your kids to grow up, maybe.

14. A simple trick to make your kids do chores

15. How to get that extra sleep you need.

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