15 Entertaining Stories From Beauty Salon Workers Who Have to Deal With Weird Clients Almost Every Day

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When we find a hairstylist whose work fully satisfies our needs, we remain loyal to them and value this relationship because our appearance and mood depend on them. And if our stylist moves to another city, we may miss them as we’d miss a dear friend. On the other hand, hairstylists and nail technicians don’t always have an opportunity to choose their clients, which is why different peculiar things take place at their work.

  • A client of mine would drive me crazy: every time I gave her a haircut, she didn’t like it. I decided to get rid of her. Reluctantly, I cut her hair quickly and very badly. She left and I crossed my fingers hoping to never see her again. But a month later, she suddenly called me and said that she loved the latest haircut she had and now wanted me to replicate it. And I have no idea how to replicate it.
  • I’m a makeup artist. A super Instagram influencer made an appointment with me. We agreed that she’d come at 5. I had prepared everything and was waiting for her. 30 minutes passed, then 1 hour, and she didn’t come. I called her, but she began to berate me out of the blue because it turned out that she wanted to meet me at 5 a.m., not 5 p.m. She had even arrived at my work at that time, but there was no one there. She tried to reach me by phone, but it was turned off. So she was very unhappy with me. And my working day starts at 10 a.m., and it’s clearly mentioned on my website. For some reason, she didn’t notice it and eventually even wrote a bad review about me in her blog.
  • I’m a barber. Once, a young woman brought her son to get a haircut. While cutting him, I couldn’t stop looking at this woman — I really liked her, and she didn’t have a wedding ring on her finger. I even began to visualize if I could become a good father to this boy. Finally, when I finished the haircut, I said to the boy, "Your mom is really beautiful!’ His sister (!) almost killed me with a glance and would never bring her brother to me again.
  • I work at a beauty salon. Once, a woman walked in to have an eyebrow correction. She showed me a photo of another girl and said that she wanted brows like hers. The next day, another woman came in, and she had a photo of the girl who’d had the procedure the day earlier. I’m curious about who will come in tomorrow to show me the photo of this woman.
  • I’m a hairstylist. A new client came in and said, “I want a total makeover. Can you recommend me something?” I got so excited. I offered her to dye her hair in some crazy color, get a very short haircut, get hair extensions, or shave off part of her hair. Eventually, she just agreed to cut 2 inches off her hair length.
  • I’m a barber. A man walked in and asked to have a look at the trimmer I used. Then he took it and did a haircut himself, paid, and left. What was that? I barely stopped myself from yelling after him, “Come again!”
  • Me: “Hello, would you like to get a haircut?”
    Client: “Yes.”
    Me: “Please sit down. What haircut do you have in mind?”
    Client: “Oh, nothing special. Just trim my hair.”
    Me: “Okay, how exactly would you like to trim it?”
    Client: “Well...cut off 17% of my hair.”
  • I’ve been working as a hairstylist for 15 years and have witnessed many different things. But there’s one story I remember most. It was a Sunday morning, and a woman stormed in and yelled right from the entrance, “I need a hairdo, now!” So, I’m drying her hair and grabbing a hairbrush. She looks at me in horror and screams, “Are you going to style my hair with this? It’s too small! Use the one that is the biggest! Do you even know what you’re doing?” And then she says to my boss, “Your stylist doesn’t even know how to dry hair properly!” My boss is slightly shocked by this, but says, “She’s been working with us for 2 years, and there have been no complaints. Are you a hairstylist yourself?” The woman confirms. Then my boss hands her the biggest brush and says, “Here’s your brush and hairdryer. When you finish, don’t forget to pay. And if you’re in a bad mood, my stylist is not supposed to tolerate your insults.” Of course, I wouldn’t dare to reply like this, but I wasn’t the owner. Anyway, my boss’s support inspired me for many years.
  • I’m a hairstylist. A few months ago, a woman came in and said, “My boyfriend dumped me, and I quit my job. So please give me a haircut so that I won’t recognize myself in the mirror.” So, I gave her a very short haircut.
  • I have a regular client who never pays for his haircuts. Every time, I tell him, “Sir, it’s $50.”
    And he replies, “Mary, stop it. We’ve been married for 17 years. I’ll get the children from school.” Then he leaves without paying. I don’t know how to deal with this.
  • We had an interesting story. A young woman came in to dye her hair. My coworker dyed her hair and the woman paid and left. The next day, she came back and started yelling that she had an allergic reaction all over her scalp because of our dye. Thankfully, our boss was smart enough to take a piece of her scalp and send it to the lab for testing. Turned out that after having her hair dyed, she came back home and washed her head with a detergent, and the next day, came back to the salon to demand her money back.
  • I’ve been working as a hairstylist for 5 years. Most of my clients are men because I’m good at men’s haircuts, and they love what I do and usually leave me generous tips. I got a boyfriend once. When he found out that 90% of my clients were men, he made a scene that he didn’t like that I had so many men around me with whom I flirted all the time. So I had to make an obvious choice and dump this drama queen. There are many men around, but only one job that I love.
  • My coworker at a salon was cutting a girl’s hair and found lice — the girl’s mom had left her for the trim and she had to wait for her mom in the lobby. We spent the next hour or so frantically cleaning around all of the other clients and stylists to sanitize the whole place from top to bottom. When the mom came back and asked her why she didn’t have her hair cut, she replied, “They found out.” © mccannisms / Reddit
  • I work at a beauty salon. An old gentleman came to me to get a haircut. He sat down on the chair and began to untie his boots. I thought that maybe his feet hurt. Then I looked again, and he began to take off his socks. I asked, shocked, “What are you doing?” And he raised his feet and said, “Where should I put them, so it is comfortable for you to cut my nails.” I said, “Sir, I don’t do this.” He replied, “I can’t do it myself.” I barely managed to persuade the nail tech to take him.
  • Once, I had a client who cut her long hair into a pixie cut. It looked amazing on her. But she hadn’t told her boyfriend or anyone else that she was making such a drastic change. He came to see me in what started out as a murderous rage. After a few minutes of talking, including me telling him that I didn’t know she was surprising him and that I understood that he needed time to get used to the new look. I shared that had I any idea it was a surprise, I would have encouraged her to call him before getting the cut. He finally calmed down and left without coming to blows. © Mike Eceerr / Quora


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