12 Beauty and Fashion Mistakes It’s Best We All Avoided

2 years ago

Fashion and beauty are two things that are very personal to each one of us and we all have a different opinion of them. Some people like color and some like darker tones, but some things are not just about personal taste. Some things are universally wrong and unflattering and we should all try to be more conscious of them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything did some research and found 12 very common fashion and beauty mistakes that many women often make.

1. Deodorant stains

This one is very easy to miss on yourself, but makes a huge difference, especially if you’re wearing something dark.


  • There are plenty of invisible deodorants on the market, make the switch from a regular one if you haven’t yet.

2. Shoes that are the wrong size

Shoes of the correct size are a must. And this problem can be especially obvious in summer shoes. Sandals of the wrong size can not only ruin your look but also cause discomfort and even minor injuries.

Sandals are too small for you if your toes are squeezed in and stick out beyond the sole. It’s believed that there should still be some space between the end of your longest toe and the front edge of the sole. Also, the heel should not protrude beyond the sole. It’s worth paying attention to the width of the shoe as well — your foot should not be wider than the sole.

3. Spray tan marks on the skin

Many people love the effect of tanned skin, and they opt for a spray tan. This is a great alternative to a tanning booth or regular tanning, especially if you want quick, safe results. However, a spray tan can play a trick on you. If you overdo it or find yourself in a very hot room, it can leak and leave marks on your skin or clothing. To avoid this, experts recommend applying the product right before an important event.

4. Sweat stains on clothes

Sweat stains can ruin even the perfect look. No one is immune to this problem — as soon as we get excited or start moving faster, dark stains under the arms can appear.

If you suffer from excessive sweating, there are several ways to combat hyperhidrosis. It’s best to wear clothes with deep armholes that are made from natural breathable fabrics, such as linen and cotton, during warmer seasons, or choose clothes of black, navy blue, or white colors since sweat stains are less visible on them.

5. Children’s hair ties

Today, there is a huge selection of hair accessories — you can create any look you imagine. However, you can get carried away and end up looking a little out of place. For example, some girls report that they always pay attention to inappropriate children’s hair ties of bright colors on others. There is a big difference between the style of a child and an adult, so it’s worth taking a closer look at headbands or colorful scrunchies.

6. Sleeves that are way too long

Excessively long sleeves can make anyone look like a little kid, plus it can be very impractical. And we’re not talking about our favorite comfy sweatshirt, this outfit mistake can happen to any top.


  • Look up how to fashionably roll up your sleeves. It makes you look very cool.
  • Turn to a good tailor and get your perfect length.

7. Leftover foundation in the hair

Some girls probably have likely experienced being in a rush and accidentally getting some foundation on their hair. It’s not all that obvious but still, take a moment before you leave home to check your look in the mirror.

8. Obviously fake eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are quite popular, and they instantly make your eyes more expressive. However, you should not go over the top. Overly long or fluffy eyelashes are not the best choice. A natural look is still in trend, so obviously fake eyelashes are considered tasteless.

9. Worn-out bag handles

Unfortunately, even high-quality leather loses its original color and shine over time, and different scuffs and scratches appear on its surface, especially if we use a bag every day. And even though we immediately notice a scratch on the front of the bag, we may not notice worn-out handles. But other people will definitely see them. Experts recommend looking after your leather products thoroughly so that they serve you longer.

10. Smudged red lipstick

Red lipstick always attracts attention. It can either become a bright accent or it can completely ruin your look. Before you apply lipstick to your lips, make sure that they are sufficiently hydrated, otherwise, the color will be uneven. Also, before applying makeup, it’s better to exfoliate the skin on the lips and use a nourishing balm, then you should apply concealer around the lips.

11. Hair jewelry

Another controversial hair accessory is a hairpin with crystals and beads. Not only it is difficult to combine these with other jewelry pieces, but it can also damage your hair. Many of us are quite familiar with the situation of strands of hair getting tangled in a hairpin and breaking. Of course, such hair jewelry can be appropriate for special occasions, but not as an everyday accessory.

12. Not matching or bad foundation

We’ve all been guilty of a foundation not matching our necks, but there are bigger evils lurking on the makeup counters. Some products that contain SPF can make you look white in photos because of their protective ingredients.


  • If you know you’re going to be photographed, opt for chemical sunscreens or foundations that have less SPF than usual. But don’t skip out on sunscreen entirely!

Are you guilty of making any of the mistakes shown above? And if so, have you ever realized that it’s something you could be avoiding?


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