15+ Lucky Shots That Turned Ordinary Scenes Into Rare Gems

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If these pictures prove anything, it’s that ordinary people can produce real-life masterpieces. With the right timing, framing, and subject, a simple snapshot can turn into a fascinating or memorable piece of art.

Now I’ve Seen Everything compiled an album of 18 accidental photos that turned into exquisite images worthy of being framed and displayed on our walls.

1. “A beautiful ’painting’ on the wall”

2. “What my phone’s camera sees after I shattered the lens”

3. “Pulled the card quickly to her face right as I took a photo resulting in capturing both.”

4. “This is not a picture of my great-grandpa, it’s actually a picture of me using a 116-year-old camera.”

5. “I tried to take a picture of my dessert but my camera focused on the tree above me.”

6. “My friend’s dog is afraid of the shutter sound on my camera.”

7. “My phone’s camera focused on its sensor in the mirror.”

8. “The holes in this bread make it seem like the camera focused on the middle but not the edges.”

9. “Accidentally took a photo with my phone inside my pocket, and it created a wonderful effect.”

10. “The ingredients of my dinner formed a judgmental face in my spoon.”

11. “A levitating brownie”

12. “My phone camera captured a shooting star.”

13. “The shadow looks like a person.”

14. “A full cup of coffee stirrers looks like it was taken by a shaky camera.”

15. “Lens flare in a picture I took looks like the Death Star from Star Wars.”

16. “I used the wrong lens when taking a pic of my doggo.”

17. That’s a big forehead.

18. “This picture isn’t edited. This was the result of perfect timing with the lightning. My friend accidentally took this.”

What’s the greatest pic you’ve ever taken? We’d love to check out your own lucky shots in the comments!

Preview photo credit xAditya17x / Reddit


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