15 Men Whose Beards Completely Transformed Them

2 years ago

Men have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to boosting their looks. Playing around with their beard is one of them. According to the before-and-after’s we found on Reddit, we can for sure say it works like magic. These guys went from an ordinary appearance to rocking features worthy of the big screens.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you proof of the positive impact a beard can have on men.

1. “Hey brahs, the push-up bra works!”

2. “Fully recovered from alopecia”

3. “Only for the joy of growing it again”

4. “12 years, 130 lbs gone, and a nearly 2-year-old beard”

5. “Went from a high school student to a college teacher”

6. “I’m glad I can grow an artificial jawline...”

7. “6 months today. Zero trim”

8. “Time inverted my hair.”

9. “My first beard — I’m never going clean-shaven again!”

10. “Thank you all for the inspiration to grow it out for real, for the first time in 36 years.”

11. “Halfway through my ’No Shave 2021′ project”

12. “9 months of beard progress”

13. "My beard is exactly one year old today! We made it!’

14. “It’s my beard’s first anniversary.”

15. “I look like a different person without facial hair.”

Do you find beards attractive? Have you ever not recognized someone because of their beard?

Preview photo credit mattmase / Reddit


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