15 Strong People Who Proved the Journey to Success Begins With a Small Step

2 years ago

The weight loss journey is never easy. Giving up your favorite cookies, counting calories, and spending hours at the gym can be exhausting, but seeing a healthier and happier person in the mirror is totally worth it.

These 15 incredibly strong people never gave up on their way to achieving their dream bodies, and we at Now I’ve Seen Everything can’t help but applaud their willpower.

1. “My daughter is the reason I decided to turn my life around. She deserves a healthy, happy, and fit mama.”

2. “For the first time in my life, I feel weightless.”

3. “Taking back my life while going through a separation.”

4. “7 years difference. It was the best decision of my life!”

5. “5 years. Small habits can lead to big changes!”

6. “I recently finished my first ever 5K. That guy napping on the beach would not have believed that was possible.”

7. “I’m pushing more again and working hard.”

8. “Maintaining and building muscle!”

9. “I have gained a whole new life.”

10. “1 year and 2 months”

11. “After two and a half years, I’ve done it. I’ve reached my goal weight!”

12. “That shirt is still kicking around in my dresser. Had to tie it in the back a bit.”

13. “Started counting calories and working out, went sugar free for a bit, and finally got back into skateboarding.”

14. “Never stopped eating peanut butter, though.”

15. “Face gains! Completely overwhelmed right now.”

What are your goals this year? What’s your biggest dream in life?

Preview photo credit yoweeds / Reddit


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