20 Designers Who Went Way Too Far With Their Creativity

2 years ago

It takes a lot of talent and creativity to become a designer, and some people love their job so much they just don’t know when to stop. And that’s when true gems like keyboard flip-flops or insanely shaped mailboxes are born. Some of these masterpieces go viral on social media, and they definitely can make you raise your eyebrows.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are bringing you the most unusual designs we managed to find.

1. “Lobstoes”

2. “My camel tea pot”

3. “This plushie my friend brought to school today”

4. “A car covered completely in 5-cent coins”

5. “This mailbox in my neighborhood”

6. “My cousin made this coaster out of a broken iPhone charger.”

7. “These cowboy boot ice skates”

8. “A sock for your avocado to speed up the ripening process”

9. “This restaurant’s bathroom floor just isn’t doing it for me.”

10. Increasingly stylish, but painful...

11. A mailbox from another planet

12. “Found these at a thrift store!”

13. Is it a cat or a rabbit?

14. “Unsure if these are comically great or horrendously absurd, but they’re mine now.”

15. “A $350 lamp I found”

16. “I saw these yesterday while shopping.”

17. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s awful. But I kind of like it...”

18. “Found this perfectly crocheted bottle cap purse.”

19. “Keyboard flip-flops”

20. “Might be hard to get the vacuum into all the nooks and crannies.”

What strange things have you ever bought out of curiosity and now laugh at whenever you see them?

Preview photo credit spqp / Reddit, caitazoid / Reddit


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