15+ Movie Lovers That We Didn’t Know Had Huge Age Gaps

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Those dating someone much younger or older than them are happier in a relationship than couples who are the same age, says a study. Perhaps this is why films often feature couples where there is at least a 10-year difference between both people. Although in most cases the actors’ chemistry is so on point, we barely notice it at all.

1. Jim Carrey (42) and Kate Winslet (29) in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2. Anne Hathaway (25) and Steve Carell (45) in Get Smart

3. Bill Murray (52) and Scarlett Johansson (18) in Lost in Translation

4. Emma Stone (25) and Colin Firth (53) in Magic in the Moonlight

5. Catherine Zeta-Jones (29) and Sean Connery (68) in Entrapment

6. Margot Robbie (24) and Will Smith (46) in Focus

7. Liam Neeson (61) and Olivia Wilde (29) in Third Person

8. Robert Redford (56) and Demi Moore (30) in Indecent Proposal

9. Michael Douglas (54) and Gwyneth Paltrow (26) in A Perfect Murder

10. Tom Skerritt (58) and Drew Barrymore (17) in Poison Ivy

11. Margot Robbie (23) and Leonardo DiCaprio (39) in The Wolf of Wall Street

12. Richard Gere (51) and Winona Ryder (29) in Autumn in New York

13. Emma Stone (25) and Sean Penn (53) in Gangster Squad

14. Jeff Bridges (60) and Maggie Gyllenhaal (32) in Crazy Heart

15. Liam Hemsworth (25) and Kate Winslet (40) in The Dressmaker

16. Christina Ricci (19) and Johnny Depp (36) in Sleepy Hollow

17. Mila Jovovich (21) and Bruce Willis (42) in The Fifth Element


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