15 Movie Mistakes That We’ve Noticed in Our Favorite Films

4 months ago

The creation of a film or TV series is a complex and time-consuming process. It’s quite natural that during filming, small blunders can easily occur. However, there are instances when the plot itself contains rather unique inconsistencies that viewers are bound to notice sooner or later. And as a bonus, you’ll discover a common mistake that occurs in many movies.


Throughout the saga, we can see that Jacob’s tattoo on his upper arm tends to change its location all the time.


you misunderstood - she isn't due with a baby - she is do to go to the bathroom


In the third film, Rosalie mentions that she wants to have a baby and that she’s sorry that she and Emmet can’t have kids. If it’s about the biological features of vampires, then how could Edward conceive a baby?

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the books, explains this moment by saying that vampires have fluid in their veins, similar to human blood. Their bodies still have some functions — for example, men can conceive.

At the same time, a female body can’t get pregnant because it can’t adapt to the growing fetus. The movies don’t have these explanations.


that is just bad acting and poor watching on whom ever is suppose to pick this up


Throughout the entire scene of the encounter with the crime victim, the journalist diligently takes notes, yet upon closer inspection, the notebook remains blank.

Pulp Fiction

In Christopher Walken’s character’s flashback, the watch displays a specific time, but upon a closer look, the hands of the watch are positioned entirely differently when the camera zooms in.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

A majority of the characters in the movie sport anti-reflective lenses. However, considering that the widespread use of anti-reflective coating began in the 1980s, its quality was far from optimal. Therefore, Sharon Tate could not have worn glasses of this type in 1969.


and we pay how much for a movie - they need to keep it consistant when doing a film


In the film’s opening, a group transports the bedridden Frida. As she gazes into a mirror above her head, her earrings hang down, revealing a behind-the-scenes secret — Salma Hayek is standing, contrary to the earlier depiction of her lying down.

The Matrix

The camera is glaringly visible in the reflection of the doorknob, despite the filmmakers’ attempts to conceal it, even using a jacket. Nevertheless, observant viewers caught the mistake.

Marie Antoinette

oh boy I guess so - even to someone that has never used or seen them up close


Upon close inspection, hair extensions are noticeable on the head of the queen’s son.

Back to the Future

During his parents’ 1955 prom, the protagonist plays a Gibson ES-345 guitar, manufactured in 1958. Even time travel cannot explain how Marty acquired an instrument released three years later.

Notting Hill

When the main character collides with Julia Roberts’ character, the reflection in her sunglasses exposes the entire film crew.


In the film’s beginning, during Ptolemy I Soter’s speech about Alexander, the operational lighthouse of Alexandria is seen in the background. However, its construction was completed after Ptolemy I’s death, during his son’s reign, Ptolemy II Philadelphus.

Ocean’s Eleven

Brad Pitt’s legendary appetite notwithstanding, he couldn’t realistically consume two different dishes during a brief scene.

The Graduate

The plot places the film’s hero in Berkeley, an east coast city of San Francisco Bay. However, Dustin Hoffman’s character is seen driving on the upper deck of the bridge in the opposite direction.

Moulin Rouge!

In one scene, the thin straps of Nicole Kidman’s dress briefly transform into wide straps.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Throughout the film, Natalie Portman, portraying Anne Boleyn, showcases various French headdresses. Although these headdresses gained popularity in England in the 16th century, replacing the traditional English style, a small error occurs when the heroine’s hair is not combed back in one scene, contradicting the customary wearing of the French headdress. While most viewers may have overlooked the slip, fashion historians were dissatisfied.

Bonus: labor scenes

In movies, labor starts with the future mother screaming, grabbing her belly, and saying, «I think it’s time.» And then she is going to scream, clench her fists, and do all sorts of weird stuff. It’s possible, but in most cases, real labor doesn’t look anything like this.

If you are a fan of the Twilight, you should find it interesting to read an article that compiles mistakes from various parts of the saga.


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