15 People Who Were Born With Special Body Features To Make Them One-of-a-kind

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Everyone is unique and distinct; we are all flawed individuals with particular traits that set us apart. It is not anything to be embarrassed about to value the person and the body we have, and it is not something to be ashamed of to have physical characteristics that may set us apart from other people. Some people are born with an extra finger, while others have two distinct eye colors, but every one of them is different in their own way.

1. “My son inherited my joined-together toes.”

2. “I have a natural elf ear.”

3. “One of my pupils won’t dilate.”

4. “I have only 4 fingers on my left hand, and have an index finger instead of a thumb.”

5. “I was born with club thumbs which look kind of like big toes.”

6. “This patch on my skin never tans/burns. I’ve had it since I was born!”

7. “My genetically pushed back knuckles on my left hand”

8. “I have a condition that causes high arches. They fit nicely together though almost like yin and yang.”

9. “I broke my ring finger when I was a kid, and now when it’s cold out, it’s the only finger that doesn’t respond.”

10. Beard cowlick.

11. “My girlfriend has freckles in her iris. They look like marbles.”

12. Double crown hair.

13. “My girlfriend has heterochromia.”

14. “My cat has a heart-shaped birthmark in his ear.”

15. “The guy next to me on the bus has 6 fingers.”


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