15 Moving Pictures That Prove Stepparents’ Love Knows No Boundaries

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With so many people getting divorced nowadays and re-marrying, the percentage of stepparents has risen to 40%. Many families are blended, since they have kids from previous relationships and children from their current partnership. And they prove that the love they give to all their kids doesn’t differ at all.

Love isn’t something that only blood-related people can have and Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 15 pictures that show how stepparents can invest their entire selves to loving their stepchildren.

1. “My wife also had her father, and stepfather, walk her down the isle.”

2. “My fiancé ’proposed’ to my daughter to ask if she’d be his stepdaughter.”

3. “My stepdad and I got matching clothes for Christmas.”

4. “For the first time in her life, my 8-year-old stepdaughter asked to stay up late to watch the game with me.”

5. “My stepdad raised my autistic sister and me as if we were his own blood.”

6. “I love being a stepdad! Here she is helping me ’drive to the store.’”

7. “My stepdad passed today. What better way to remember him than sharing this throwback picture of us from 16 years ago.”

8. “My husband teaching my oldest son how to shave for the first time best stepdad ever.”

9. “We had my stepdad dress up as Santa since we couldn’t visit him at a mall this year.”

10. “The look of pride on my father-in-law’s face says everything about this moment.”

11. “First time stepping in as a parental figure. I love this little guy, my future stepson, Dusty.”

12. “It’s my birthday today and I don’t even care. I just miss my stepdad.”

13. “My stepdad and little sister taking a nap together”

14. “I sent my stepmom a pic of my now shaved head because of chemo and she sent back this.”

15. “Growing up, my stepdad was surrounded by my mom and us three daughters. Now 30+ years later, my sister has given us a boy. And my step dad has a new best friend.”

Are you a stepparent and, if so, how have your children or child affected your life?

Preview photo credit Clayton4NC / Reddit


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