20 People Who Lost Weight and Gained a Whole New Life

2 years ago

There are many ways to change one’s look — makeovers, new haircuts, or going for a different clothing style. But some people decided to take it a step further and changed their whole appearance by shedding off the extra pounds. And their efforts paid off because, in the process of losing weight, they gained an entirely new perspective in life.

Now I’ve Seen Everything picked out 20 before-and-after pictures of people who proved that weight loss transformations are not just about looking good — they can also be a fresh start.

1. “Same bathroom, different girl”

2. “From 350 to 155 lbs in a year”

3. “Was getting impatient with ’only’ 30 lbs lost, but finding this old pic helps put things in perspective!”

4. “After a weekend of mountain biking, the hobby that truly inspired and revived my fitness, I finally reached my goal weight after 7 months!”

5. “From last Christmas to today. I’ve made lots of changes since then, and was gifted a whole new face.”

6. “November 2019 vs December 2020. I’ve had a complete lifestyle change this year!”

7. “Lost 128 lbs in 1 year and 5 months. Only 12 lbs to go until I’ve reached my first major goal!”

8. “Do you ever just feel inspired by your own progress? I can’t believe I’ve really lost 70 pounds! I’m so proud!”

9. “The more I listen to my body (not just hunger), the more it seems to share. Working together and understanding each other has made this journey a wonderful experience. No goal, just living.”

10. “2019 vs 2020. Merry Christmas!”

11. “May 2017 vs today. Met some friends who had last seen me when I looked like the left pic. They were flummoxed in the nicest way and showered me with compliments. Maybe it’s a bit shallow, but I’m not going to lie, it felt good.”

12. “Super proud of the progress I’ve made since May.”

13. “It is easy to forget how far you’ve come. Found this old picture today and I can’t believe the difference hard work can make.”

14. “I got stuck in a plateau for the last 2 weeks, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come.”

15. “After 11 months of hard work, I have finally hit my goal. Thank you to everyone who motivated me to keep going!”

16. “Going shopping for the first time in my life without feeling anxious. It felt incredible.”

17. “One year of progress and only 40 lbs until I reach my goal weight!”

18. “Finally becoming at peace with who I am, and I am so much happier for it.”

19. “December 2018 to now. I have gained a whole new life”

20. “Still learning to love myself, but nonetheless happy with the progress I’ve made.”

Have you ever gone through a transformation like one of these brave users? Out of all of your achievements, which one makes you feel the proudest?


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