Times Designers Created Things That Drove People Up the Walls

2 years ago

Designing new things is always challenging: You have to balance your creativity and the need to make things that are both practical and beautiful. Unfortunately, doing so is not always possible, and as a result, there are things that seem to exist with the only purpose of annoying everyone around.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have found several examples of things that could probably have had a little more thought put into them.

“Why would you even bother installing the tap?”

“Restaurant bathroom: one mirror panel on top, one on the bottom...no way to see myself in between.”

“This speed bump they installed in front of my house is about as useful as a perforated cereal bowl. People just drive down the middle of the road to avoid it.”

“My grandparents’ carpeted bathroom”

“The shower in my dorm freshman year (I’m only 5’7)”

“I can see into the main hallway of the building while standing at the urinal.”

“This door will never be opened. Found in an Austrian spa.”

“The chandelier adds luxury and complements the fake orchids.”

Good luck getting in there, my friend!

“I’m do yvoegan.”

“The only outlet in my bathroom...”

“The intentional holes in these overhangs make them completely useless in blocking the top balconies from rain.”

“Don’t drop your card!”

“I spent about a full minute trying to figure out the way back to the lobby.”

“The #9 position.”

“Take your poop buddy now! It even has 2 ACs!”

“This light in my room in our new apartment, my family didn’t notice it until 2 months in, but I noticed it immediately.”

What places do you know that have completely absurd and non-functional designs?

Preview photo credit Nikigenickiknicki / Reddit


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