15 Mysterious Objects That Appear Too Tricky Even for Google, but Not for Clever Online Users

5 months ago

Many times, we’ve encountered mysterious artifacts and phenomena that defy explanation, leaving us in awe. These enigmatic discoveries have the power to question our understanding of the world, fuel wild speculation, and kindle curiosity. Get ready to be captivated by the incredible stories concealed beneath the surface of these perplexing mysteries.

1. “A solid-state white rectangle with blue center fixed to the wall above a urinal in a multi-sports complex. No scent, no electronics. What is this thing?”

2. “Two red and blue patches titled ’came the yawn’ and ’one eye closed here’.”

3. “What is this oddly shaped sink used for?”

4. “A silver spoon with ’top’ part?”

5. “Set of 9 wooden balls. 4 black, 4 brown, and one smaller brown ball.”

6. “Scissors with weird angle. Return gift from the bridal shower. What is the use of this?”

7. “Green and white plastic springy device.”

8. “My friend found this on her coffee table. It’s made of metal and bracelet-sized. But no closure to put on.”

9. “Found in the oven after cooking Thanksgiving meal. 3 inches, solid, light, stiff.”

10. “This chain inside my door? It connects the door to the frame and can easily just be pulled out of the door.”

11. “Plastic baggie with maybe pillow batting inside it, zip-tied closed around an air hose.”

12. “Plastic clear tube with a flanged end with movable orange ball tip found in woods.”

  • “Looks like a venom sucker from a snakebite kit. I have such a kit, though I use it for mosquito bites.” © LeeQuidity / Reddit

13. “A kitchen cabinet made of metal in a house built in 1951. I think the kitchen was remodeled in the 70s. We are trying to figure out why it’s vented.”

  • “Maybe to hang tea towels to dry off. The grate will be for ventilation to help dry them without them getting musty.” © calesybub / Reddit

14. “Found these tiny white balls with faces on them.”

15. “I received this item for free at a Christmas fair. It is the size of my hand, with a white top that screws on and off. The red bag part expands and is pretty thick.”

  • “It looks like a mini refillable hot/cold pack for relieving headaches or injuries.” © kaeorin / Reddit

While we ponder the meanings behind these fascinating discoveries, one certainty endures — the unquenchable curiosity of the human spirit will endure, propelling us continually into the uncharted realms of discovery, where the next astonishing revelation awaits.


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