15+ People Who Got Older but Aged in Reverse

2 years ago

Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean getting weaker. In fact, we can use time to our advantage by improving ourselves and prioritizing our wellbeing as we age. Take it from these people, who found the determination to bring positive changes in their lives and radiated it back through their beautiful, youthful glow.

Now I’ve Seen Everything presents 15+ before-and-after pics of people whose self-love helped them age gracefully over the years.

1. “220 lbs lost, 3 years of hard work and dedication”

2. “I feel like I’m aging backward.”

3. “’When I loved pizza and was insecure (17)’ vs ’I still love pizza and learned to love myself (25)’”

4. “14 to 19, I thought I looked a bit man-ish back then.”

5. “16 to 28 — can we acknowledge the huge glow-up?”

6. “14 years vs 25 years, and still in the process of becoming the person I always wanted to be: fearless, confident, and proud.”

7. “17 to 27 — how did I do?”

8. “From 19 to 25!”

9. “Oscar Isaac shouldn’t be allowed to post on Reddit, that’s just cheating!”

10. “Me at 13 vs me at 27”

11. A haircut can change everything, right?

12. “13 vs 26, I just don’t know what to say.”

13. “19 to 28 — nearly a decade, and I think I made a slight improvement.”

14. “14 to 22, I grew into my face and stopped hating every aspect of my existence!”

15. “Just needed to change my hair’s direction by 180 degrees”

16. “37-year-old me looking at my 14-year-old self! Grooming is everything.”

17. “15 years old vs 22 years old”

18. “14 to 20, freed my eyes and brows, lost the belly, and got a tan!”

19. “Lost 150 lbs. Just throwing some fitness inspiration out there. Anything is possible. Don’t give up!”

How did you deal with puberty, and do you have any advice on how to better handle this stage of life?

Preview photo credit coolifornia / Reddit


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