17 People Who Dared to Change Something in Their Appearance and Hit the Jackpot

2 years ago

Body positivity is a powerful thing, and accepting yourself unconditionally is truly amazing. But sometimes all you need to fall in love with yourself all over again is just to fix some tiny detail in your appearance. It may be an annoying mole you’ve always wanted to remove, or a slightly smaller nose, and you just know that changing it will make you so much happier.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything searched the internet to find photos of brave people who opted for plastic surgery, and now can outshine any star on the red carpet.

1. “My new nose is not perfect but I feel I can look the world in the eye now. I feel so much more at peace with my face.”

2. “Cast off today!”

3. “Before vs 4 months post rhinoplasty and chin implant.”

4. “Before and a little over a year after.”

5. “21 months, before and after, 11 days post-op.”

6. “Upper eyelid correction, before and after.”

7. “3 years post-op, before and after.”

8. “9 weeks post-op! Just roll with whatever face it is that I’m making.”

9. “I feel like a new person — 11 weeks post-op.”

10. “1 year, before and after.”

11. “Before and after — roughly 3 months since surgery now.”

12. “Before and after: It took over 2 years for the swelling to completely dissipate.”

13. “Side profile vs 6 days post-op: If my nose stays cute and button-y like this, I may have to kiss my surgeon.”

14. “4-month update: It’s amazing how much has changed with the frontal view, I feel as if I look younger.”

15. “Pre-op and 5 months post-op: a smiling difference!”

16. “I’m so happy with my results!”

17. “3 weeks post op.”

What part of your body would you change and why?

Preview photo credit Responsible-Branch21 / Reddit


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