20+ Girls Who Transformed Their Hair and Embarked on a New Chapter of Their Lives

2 years ago

The rarest hair color is red, and only one to 2 percent of the world’s population are lucky to be redheads. Fortunately, anybody can be red, blonde, or brunette with the help of a hairdresser. And if you’re tired of boring hair colors, take a look at these gorgeous lady Redditors who turned their hair into stunning rainbows. Most of them dyed their hair themselves, and the results can turn heads.

The Now I’ve Seen Everything team fell in love with these creative women who prove changing your hair color is a great way to breathe new life into your locks.

“Always evolving.”

“My (now ex) boyfriend always said he preferred me with long, natural hair so naturally I chopped off 10 inches & dyed it red!”

“Dyed the top of my hair black and the underneath orange, my mom braided it, and this was the outcome!!”

“Dyed my hair the same colors as my cat. Spot the difference!”

“Got myself a cyberpunk style haircut, coloring by me. Here is how it looks from different angles.”

“I’m so proud of myself for pulling off this split dye!”

“Shaved my head so my daughter knows that hair doesn’t define beauty.”

“I did my old high school teacher’s hair yesterday!”

There is no limit to creativity.

“I loved the outcome.”

“I decided that you only live once and I didn’t want to regret not trying new things. Here is how my hair looks now.”

“Stripped from black and dyed pink! Cut, color, and styling were done by me on my mom’s hair! She is happy!”

“I’ve had this hairstyle for like 3 years now I think. I’ve been told by everyone that it suits me and I get tons of compliments on it.”

“I just dyed my hair in strawberry colors! Just wanted to share that...”

“I did it myself. I’m so happy with it.”

“Feeling like a cotton candy princess from Adventure Time

“I love this hairstyle on my short hair.”

“A small transition. Been really down lately. Have had so much on my mind and my kids are about to be in school. It’s nice to do something for myself.”

“I get ’Cruella de Vil’ frequently. Hopefully it’s because of my hair decisions.”

“I shaved my head today and actually never felt more feminine!”

“You literally look good in every color!”

“Dyed my boyfriend and I’s hair so we could be like Cosmo and Wanda.”

What’s the most daring hair color you’ve ever dyed you hair? If you haven’t, which one would you want to try?

Preview photo credit themoonandthehermit / Reddit


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