15+ People Who Proved Self-Love Can Do Wonders

2 years ago

Some of us may have had difficult pasts. But if we put more effort into improving our situation, life can get better. Take, for example, these people who decided to change things that they were unhappy about and completely turned their lives around.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 18 inspiring transformations of people who refused to settle for less and surprised themselves with what they can achieve.

1. “It helps to give myself some perspective and realize how far I’ve come. Progress isn’t always a straight line, but it’s totally worth riding out the bad days.”

2. “I have a neck!”

3. “Even my behavior changed, and now people take me more seriously.”

4. “I made it! Survived my 3-year massive depression cycle and a brain tumor diagnosis in the middle. Now celebrating life.”

5. “From 15 to 21, starting to get confident again.”

6. “Maintaining and building muscle!”

7. “For the first time in my life, I’m happy with how I look.”

8. “My sister and I can share clothes again!”

9. “18-22... High school sucked, but a little weight loss, new style, and facial hair seem to have helped.”

10. “So proud of how far my skin has come!”

11. “As long as I can breathe and walk, I will continue this journey.”

12. “Achieved by addressing mental health and cutting out useless processed foods”

13. “I get a lot of people claiming the before photo is not me.”

14. “I was perpetually red. Not eating bread made me less bloated and prone to breakouts/sweats.”

15. “My first year of high school vs my first year after college. Crazy what a beard and some self-care can do to a guy.”

16. “3 years ago, I was almost giving up on life, now I’m excited about it. The gift of transition.”

17. “14 vs 24: I still feel like the insecure kid on the left at times, but progress is progress.”

18. “Age 17 and age 21. Lost weight and started taking care of my hair”

Have you gone through a transformation yourself? Tell or show us your story, and remember, no progress is too small!


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