15 People Who Went From Shy Kids to Confident Adults

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Feeling good about yourself and your appearance is very important for everyone and it is based on self-care. It’s not about being vain and thinking how amazing you are when you look at yourself in the mirror. It is about doing small things about yourself, such as a haircut or a facial, and therefore getting a boost of self-esteem.

1. “17 vs now (21)”

2. “21 vs 31 years old”

3. What a 10-year difference can do

  • I would have never expected that last photo after seeing the first photo. You used to be a dorky
    and cute boy and became a Greek god. TheMeerrettich / Reddit

4. Haircuts matter, 16 vs 21.

5. “Decided to give myself a haircut, shave, and new glasses — and starting to feel somewhat good about myself for the first time in a lifetime (2020 to 2022).”

6. “14 to 24 — I was bullied a lot as a kid.”

7. “Just take off your glasses! 13 vs 21 years old...”

8. “19 vs 25 years old”

9. “17 vs 30”

10. “19 to 23 — Lost some weight, cleared skin up a little and changed glasses.”

11. “16 to 32 — beards are magic.”

12. “Not washing your face with the same loofa you use to wash your body can really do wonders.”

13. “Ages 16-25, I was always picked on when I was younger!”

14. “Ages 10 and 19 — it has been quite a journey for me.”

15. “Relentlessly bullied for years, but not bullying me now.”

Good job getting into shape. I'm trying to do the same thing but I'm elderly and cannot be active anymore.

  • Nothing but respect. It definitely wasn’t easy to do what you did. Took a lot of resilience and determination to come out like you did and I’m proud of you. Ravore / Reddit

Do you think your appearance has changed a lot since you were young? What have you worked hard to change that made you a lot more appealing?


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