20+ Mind Blowing Real Life Optical Illusions People Came Across

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Perception is a fascinating subject that has puzzled scientists and philosophers for centuries. Our eyes and brains work together to interpret the world around us. But sometimes the information we receive can be misleading. Optical illusions and perspective tricks are examples of how our perception can be deceived. Let’s enjoy a list of puzzling photos that you need to look at twice to figure out what they really are.

“The two people sitting next to me on the airplane take both my armrests.”

The bottom of an English saddle

“These jean pants are upside-down.”

This dog only has hind legs.

“Giant present my friend sent me a photo of”

It’s as if the leaf is bigger than the dog.

And how about a floating bus?

“Almost spilled my drink when I finished ordering at the vending machine.”

“It looks like a mockup or a giant, but it’s just me on the second floor of one of my college buildings.”

“This photo makes my friend look like a cardboard cutout.”

“This tree I saw on my walk that has massive thorns growing out of its trunk.”

A car that changes color

“Sometimes he says ’hi’ from the top shelf of my wardrobe.”

“The frost on my window is melting in the shape of someone looking inside.”

It’s as if his head is not on his body.

“The lobby of this medical office has an alligator in the floor.”

Nice smile.

“It’s too cold to haunt.”

“Cat going through the chair.”

“These tinted windows make it look like we’re in the ocean.”

“They look like they are bumping their heads.”

Do they have just one head?

“He has his mother’s legs.”

“My cat was just going to yawn.”

“Just a guy wearing a hoodie”

“My pet bird taking a bath looks like it’s being boiled alive. ”

Which picture puzzled you the most? Have you ever captured images from such odd angles?


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