15+ People Who Were Born Problem-Solvers

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Throughout history, people have always used their intelligence to solve all sorts of problems. Even though in the 21st century it might sometimes seem like many of the issues we can solve ourselves are now in the past, there are still smart people who think of the most ingenious inventions. Let’s check out a few examples.

1. “My 1st grader lost a tooth during class and the school sent it home in this tiny, tooth-shaped container.”

2. “Make-up artist augmentation”

3. “One of my chair’s wheels fell off and couldn’t be reattached, so I had to improvise with a Pringles can, bow cutters, and scotch tape.”

4. “Max cooling”

5. “Freehand tattoo cover-up”

6. “This plastic bottle bottom lampshade”

7. “Remote to headphones for silent TV watching.”

8. “Fitted sheets came with labels to identify which side is which.”

9. “Creative plumbing solutions, by my spouse.”

10. “Entry-level engineering.”

11. “I wanted to watch YouTube at the gym.”

12. “Scissors broke and needed an extension.”

13. “A cat tower made from a barstool and 2 boxes”

14. “It might not be much, but I promise this made my daughter’s afternoon.”

15. “I work IT for an MSP, one of the other techs sent me this. Kinda jealous I never thought of it.”

16. “My 13-year-old will do literally anything to avoid washing dishes.”

Preview photo credit Flimsy_Researcher / Reddit


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