16 People Who Didn’t Win the Lottery But the Gene Jackpot

year ago

Genes, and especially our DNA, is one main reason each and everyone of us is unique in this world. And being unique sometimes comes with characteristics we might not be ready to welcome in us. For example, some people are born with a third nipple or with webbed toes. While they might not be alone in these features, they certainly are one in thousands if not millions to have them.

1. “At 40 years of age, I was diagnosed with vitiligo. Never be ashamed or embarrassed.”

2. “Behold my webbed (fused?) toe tattoo!”

3. “My hand after a shower, this person surely has a great sense of humor.”

4. “I have a random long straight arm hair.”

5. A condition that leaves your tongue looking like The Starry Night by Van Gogh.

6. “A perfect impression of my eye on my glasses.”

7. “Skin that absorbs imprints.”

8. “A little bit double-jointed.”

9. “I have a (harmless) disease that makes my fingers occasionally turn a different skin tone.”

10. “I have 6 toes on both of my feet.”

11. “I have bald spots on my shins from constantly resting them on a stepladder at work.”

12. “I have a birthmark on my leg that looks like a nipple.”

13. “Smashed my thumb a month or so ago, now the bruise looks like a duck.”

14. “Both of my pinkies have a single fold.”

15. “When I was an infant one of my eyes started to turn brown but never fully changed.”

16. “My neck skin is stretchy enough to allow me to suck on it with no hands.”

Is there anything special that you have or can do with your body? If there is, would you mind sharing it with us?


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