15+ People Whose Tattoos Have a Unique Story to Tell

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When it comes to something that’s supposed to stay on your body forever, like tattoos, it’s tough to make a good decision because our tastes change over time. According to one survey, 78% of people regretted getting at least one of their tattoos. Our today’s heroes probably won’t regret theirs though, because they made sure there are great stories behind the pieces of art on their bodies.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything chose some of the most interesting designs that Internet users shared.

1. “My daughter drew a picture of me when she was 2 years old. 7 years later and it’s on me forever.”

2. Everyone loves Danny DeVito, but not as much as this person.

3. “First tattoo — a clarinet designed by my father”

4. “My scar tattoo glows under black light”

5. “When I was 7, I wrote myself a letter. 20 years later, I got a tattoo of it to remember to love myself more.”

6. How to make a birthmark entertaining.

7. The scar isn’t even visible anymore.

8. “Moved from Sydney to Ireland when I was 10. I’m 20 now and here’s my first tattoo.”

9. “My first tattoo is from a nickname my wife gave me, ’the gentleman frog,’ because of my big belly and skinny legs.”

10. A masterful burn scar cover-up

11. “A matching tattoo my little sister and I got!”

12. ’’I got my ex’s name covered up, and I feel beautiful again.’’

13. “I got this tattoo on my unusual toes.”

14. “I told him not to do it... my friend got a centipede tattoo on his face.”

15. “Tattoo of Freddy’s glove making my surgical scar”

16. ’’I covered some 3rd degree burn scars with a fire dragon.’’

Have you ever seen such great examples of tattoos in real life?


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