16 Designers Who Didn’t Put Much Thought Into Their Creations

2 years ago

Whether we’re talking about professionals or amateurs, not everyone is great at designing stuff. Sometimes, people make impractical things that don’t ensure the privacy they generally are required to offer. Other times, they just don’t think of the consequences of someone using their product or facility. No matter the issue, they are far from being perfect or even adequate.

Now I’ve Seen Everything can honestly say that these designs are some of the worst we have ever seen and hopefully we won’t see them again.

1. “Bedsheets that look like you’ve wet them”

2. “This shower at my Airbnb”

3. “Who wouldn’t want a ceiling that looks like it’s covered with hair?”

4. “A DIY shower I saw while house hunting”

5. “A closet specifically for the ironing board?”

6. “Bus stop button at knee level”

7. A stop sign unlike any we’ve ever seen

8. “Hotel shower has no edges, so it floods. And the bathroom door has water damage.”

9. “This notebook that is ’E’ shaped”

10. “This counter-clockwise ticking clock”

11. “Good thing that the door is there to...”

12. “Genius design for parking spaces”

13. “The roof parts over the seats so they’re always wet when it rains.”

14. “Ah, yes, the Eiffel Tower, my favorite Italian landmark”

15. Who said we need privacy in bathrooms?

16. “Yellow as a container color for gallons of drinking water”

Have you ever come across any design fails that made you wonder if a professional designed them or if it was an amateur project?

Preview photo credit Aquillyne / reddit


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