15 Pics That Prove Fashion Isn’t For the Faint-Hearted

year ago

More than just an everyday necessity, some people view clothes as a way to make a statement or express their innermost feelings. And even though we might get initially shocked when we see someone wearing a stiletto made out of kitchen sponges or a child with a surreal hair design, these sights are actually refreshing. Because they remind us that we are all one of a kind and we should take pride in our uniqueness and differences.

Lizard haircut

Leather shoes

Was it raining?

My brother’s shoes

When you think about the fate of the world, and then you realize that you’re a backpack...

Nice bag to go fishing with

These are the socks I chose to wear to work

You can meet all types of people in a subway.

Where did she get this combination from?

I’ll show you what’s next.

What do you know about rolling, son?

A hairstyle for the bald? There is a solution.

Now he can put snacks in his hood.

Who needs boring shoes if you can wear horse hooves?

Sponge shoes

What do you think about modern fashion trends? Have you ever seen such trendsetters? Share your stories and pictures in the comments.


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