17 People Who Proved That Glow-Ups in Your 20s Can Be Absolutely Dazzling

2 years ago

For some of us, the teenage years were a pretty tough time. “The awkward phase,” as it’s sometimes called, is actually rather useful looking back: During this period of time, we figure out what kind of people we are, as well as our individual style and what we want from life. However, this process doesn’t have a deadline: We can still change for the better even if our teenage years are in the past.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything want to share with you some amazing glow-ups that happened to people in their 20s and later.

“13 to 30. I had an ex, at 18, tell me I wasn’t pretty enough to model. I set out to prove him wrong. Now I’m internationally published. Ladies, never let someone tell you you can’t, because you can!”

“I always dreamed that I’d grow out of the awkwardness. 14-25.”

“From awkward 6th-grade fat boy in 2001 to a very happy and liberated 30-year-old, 2020”

“Me, early-20s-looking troll man to more normal-looking dude in his 30s”

“Age 12 ---> Age 30. I used the pain from being teased to change my life. I wish I could have forehead surgery. 😣😢😂”

“16/17 to 29/30”

“13 at a Renaissance fair vs 30. No makeup or I’d be cheating. I no longer write in my diary that I’m ugly because of my natural redhead features.”

“Age 12 to 29... Might be doing better than alright after all.”

“Really feeling the glow-up”

“At age 11, then at 35”

“8 to 30. Thanks for the haircut, Mom.”

“Age 16 to 27”

“My body and style have changed from 12 to 30, but I still listen to an embarrassing amount of Brand New.”

“13-30. Middle school was rough...”

“Growing up from 20 to 30. Still as big a nerd as ever, just with a bit more confidence!”

“20 —> 30. 10 years makes a lot of difference. I still don’t put much time into hair care, but I finally figured out how to make it work for me.”

“Pics from my first passport when I was 18 years old and one of my first modeling shoots in my 30s”

And you, how did you change from adolescence to adulthood?

Preview photo credit johnnyzli / Reddit


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