15 Pictures That May Make You Look at Them Twice

2 years ago

Chameleons blend into their environment to escape from predators. And although none of the objects featured in this article actually needed to camouflage, all of them pretend to be something else. From a piece of rock that looks like a delicious ice cream sandwich to a sweet potato pretending to be a bird, these objects definitely seem like something completely different at first.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we gathered 15 photos shared by people who noticed something unusual in seemingly ordinary objects.

1. “This rock looks like an ice cream sandwich.”

2. “My labradorite looks like a butterfly’s wing.”

3. “Cement patches from recent repairs of my home kinda look like a lion on the edge of a cliff.”

4. “A sweet potato that is trying to be a bird”

5. “My lotion looks like a cat.”

6. “This vase is actually a puzzle.”

7. “These old binoculars look like Wall-E.”

8. “This moth is pretending to be a wooden floor.”

9. “The purple cauliflower I cut looks like a tree.”

10. “This building is an optical illusion, the walls are entirely painted.”

11. “The twig in this photo is actually a caterpillar.”

12. “A weeping angel in the clouds”

13. “This stone looks like a guitar pick with pond reeds.”

14. “These flowers are pretending to be hummingbirds.”

15. “Found a piece of rock that looks like a steak.”

Have you ever found any objects that made you look twice? Let us know and share your photos!


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