15 Times a Photo Became a Riddle Waiting to Be Solved

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You don’t need to be a professional photographer in order to capture real-life optical illusions. The recipe just requires a camera (of course), good timing, and a hint of luck. Then, with a click, you have yourself a levitating hand or an invisible wheel. It sounds a bit outrageous, but people online are ready to prove you wrong.

Now I’ve Seen Everything shares with you some pics that could leave even Hermione Granger from Harry Potter wondering what’s going on.

1. The front wheel on this bike is almost invisible.

2. “Dog with arms”

3. “Gigantic raised house”

4. “2/3 Cerberus”

5. “Thinnest building I’ve ever seen”

6. “This cloud looks like smoke coming out of the chimney.”

7. “This giant hummingbird perched on a wire”

8. “My dog and his shadow decided to spend some time apart.”

9. Just to let you know. This is not a baguette.

10. “Cloud kinda looks like the ocean.”

11. “Michael hiding his weapon in plain sight”

12. “I told them I took a picture of UFOs.”

13. “My cat’s head fell off.”

14. “Which way is my dog facing?”

15. “Planking picture I took back when planking was a fad.”

What was the last time you saw something that completely deceived you? Did you manage to take a picture of it, or did it only last for a second?

Preview photo credit mickeyslim / Reddit


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