15 Pictures That Require a Closer Second Look

2 years ago

There are many ways that our brain manages to confuse us and optical illusions is just one of them. This happens when we usually look at something we haven’t seen before and our eyes don’t perceive everything as they are. Luckily, we eventually see what is really going on and feel satisfied we found the solution.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 15 confusing pictures that prove not everything is what it seems.

1. “Inflated cat.”

2. “Catnibalism”

3. Those are not his legs, they’re rugs.

4. “This brick wall looks like it was not rendered properly.”

5. “My son, floating in a chair”

6. “Does this corgi look huge to anyone else?”

7. “My cat defying physics to lick egg yolk off my plate”

8. “2nd dimensional stairs.”

9. “The pool looks like it’s missing a wall.”

10. “My cat has 3 front paws, apparently.”

11. “Only one more head needed until I have my very own Cerberus...”

12. “This tree looks like an upside down person.”

13. “These staircases lead to nowhere.”

14. “Wood splinters that look like a city”

15. Package with little doggies?

Were you genuinely confused by any of the pictures above and which ones gave you the hardest time?

Preview photo credit gravesum5 / reddit


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