20 Deceptive Pictures Your Brain Will Need Some Time to Process

2 years ago

There are many ways a photo can be deceptive, due to things like double exposure, the angle, or wearing the same colors as the background. All these can happen to anyone, and the first time we see a picture is the most important. That’s because once your eyes get used to what you’re seeing, the surprise will disappear.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to put your brain to the test for a bit and see how your eyes react to visually confusing images.

1. “Sometimes after a hike, our feet get confused.”

2. It looks like there are 2 pics here, but it’s actually a Viking well and stone under a local shop.

3. “Took me a sec to figure out what I was looking at.”

4. “This rock looks like a sock.”

5. A floating roof...

6. “I stood in the reflection of the backyard glass window opposite my flip flops and it looks like my ghost is wearing them!”

7. “I thought 8 pigeons were staring at me menacingly.”

8. “This picture my mom took of my brother and me looks like a stitched-together before and after.”

9. “An iPhone screw next to a peanut that looks like a potato for some reason”

10. “For a moment, I thought it was a reflection.”

11. “A mantis stealing a Domino’s sign”

12. “My dog likes to sit here, but he isn’t right now.”

13. “This building by my school looks transparent.”

14. “Somehow, the last part of this Provia film got double exposed with someone else’s family photos.”

15. “My dog wasn’t properly assembled...”

16. “Check out this giant.”

17. “This imported salmon is so tightly wrapped in plastic it appears to not be wrapped at all.”

18. A low-resolution tree

19. This floating car...

20. “Just my dad and his dog”

Which one of the images above made you stop for much more than a second to figure out what was going on?

Preview photo credit Dylfonda / reddit


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