16 People Who Mustered the Courage to Get Plastic Surgery and Now Look Absolutely Stunning

2 years ago

When celebrities get plastic surgery, people react very differently. While some are convinced you can’t turn back the clock, others believe changing something in your appearance can boost your self-confidence. These 16 people made brave decisions and opted for cosmetic surgery, and now they can totally outshine most stars on the red carpet.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything understand that getting plastic surgery is a big decision. And we admire these courageous people who trusted their gut and went for it.

“1.5 years post-op rhinoplasty and septoplasty. Super happy”

“Before and 12 days after rhinoplasty”

“Before vs 1 month vs 4 months post-op rhinoplasty”

“Hair transplant. I’m 33 now. I was 31 when I had it done.”

“Chin implant 11 months post-op”

“7 weeks post-op. Lower jaw surgery and cheek implants”

“Masseter Botox before and after — so, so happy with the results!”

“Septorhinoplasty before and cast off removal day”

“I got a thread lift because I hate my cheeks. I love my results. Before and after results.”

“1-week post-op, septorhinoplasty. I hated my nose so I’m in love with the results already, even though I’m still super swollen!”

“6th-week post-rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. That is what I was aiming for. My surgeon does very natural yet elegant-looking nose jobs.”

“Fillers are supposed to last a year or so. My chin and jawline look more natural now though. As for my lips, they only lasted about a month!”

“Lip fillers don’t need to look like duck lips! So tired of people thinking all of them look bad. These are my results after 4 treatments over the past year.”

“10 weeks post-op septorhinoplasty. The top is before, the bottom is after. I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

“Aging-backwards. Before 34, after 37”

“Septorhinoplasty, one year today. I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Do you think we should be using the opportunities modern medicine gives us or is it better to embrace all the features nature granted us?


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