15+ Precious Photos That Can Melt Even the Coldest of Hearts

2 years ago

Good relationships within a family are great on their own; it’s so much fun to meet with your favorite people every evening, joke around, and discuss the things that happened during the day. At the same time, researchers claim that loving families do better when it comes to problem-solving and giving children necessary life skills.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are happy to share these examples of happy tight-knit families right here.

1. “Our son and his big sister ringing in his official adoption and the end of his time in foster care.”

2. “Our new puppy was homesick, so our 3-year-old brought him some rocks.”

3. “20-year difference”

4. “Me, my brothers, and mom on Mother’s Day. She said she was tired of our inside jokes and laughter on her special day.”

5. “My sister and I recreating pictures from our childhood.”

6. “So my parents raised a wombat. Here’s my dad with her. They released her back into the wild when she was 3.”

7. “Shot I got of my son riding his first real roller coaster.”

8. “For Christmas one year my mom made my brother and I outfits from the drapes that came with our beautiful couch.”

9. “Wife bought a label maker to help get organized with our new daughter. I’m already finding it helpful.”

10. “Jokingly sent my mom a cutout of myself while I’m studying abroad. She seems to be entertaining herself with it.”

11. “My girlfriend has written me a note every day for 3 years.”

12. “My almost 1-year-old wolfdog giving wifey a hug.”

13. “Took my 102-year-old grandfather to see Godzilla tonight! What a guy.”

14. “Our first Christmas after getting official guardianship of our foster son (the adorable redhead).”

15. “I wasn’t able to go home for Thanksgiving, so my dad mailed me Thanksgiving dinner. It cost $80 to ship overnight.”

16. “My dog’s reaction to our newest family member. He is so....well, he’s so.”

What is the photo from your family album that is your own personal antidepressant? What’s the special story behind it?

Preview photo credit WizardofDoitland / Reddit


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