17 People Who Were Fast Enough to Capture a Unique Moment on Camera

year ago

There are so many wonderful things that happen in this world every day, we just need to look around and pay attention. And if you’re fast enough, you can even capture these unique moments on camera to share with the entire Internet.

“A yellow ladybug crawling on my wife’s amber bracelet”

Or perhaps it was a he bug, he was thinking he'd just found his harem! Better luck next time matey. 😉


“Frozen steam coming out from a branch forming thin sensitive strokes of ice — a very rare happening, at least where I live”

“This moth decided to chill with me for a bit at the bonfire last June.”

“This rainbow vine started growing in my backyard.”

“Just a sunbird that flew in and perched on my friend’s finger”

“Probably my favorite shot of Archer — taken on film that expired 20 years ago”

“The sunset over the neighborhood tonight”

“This photo I took today”

“This dragonfly landed on my dragonfly tattoo.”

“One of my chickens laid a monster egg!”

“A ladybug with a single spot”

“The inside of my tree looks fake.”

“My neighbors decided they needed a heated driveway. This is what happened.”

“There’s a plant growing out of my carpet.”

“My old ricotta I forgot in the fridge turned vivid violet.”

“One of my snow globes has turned brown inside.”

  • You might already know this or others may have warned you, but putting snow globes in the window is a fire hazard. The curve of the glass can act like a magnifying glass and on certain surfaces, it can easily start fires. © heorhe / Reddit

“The inside of my red onion looks like a lotus flower.”

If you also happened to capture unique or curious moments on camera, don’t keep these shots to yourself and share them with other Internet users right now in the comments below. We will be happy to see them.

Preview photo credit TheloniusDump / Reddit


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