15+ Puzzling Photos That Won’t Let You Sleep Until You Solve Them

2 years ago

Deceiving pictures are like puzzles that need to be solved. They portray unusual or impossible scenes, and this makes us want to get to the bottom of their mystery. Sometimes, we may even need more than a second — or a few of them — to understand what’s really going on.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 16 photos that will not let your mind rest until you’ve deciphered the truth behind them.

1. “Mom? I think the dog broke...”

2. “Hold on, little man, it might be a bumpy ride!”

3. “This is not a mirror.”

4. That’s one huge microphone!

5. “Found this levitating shopping cart.”

6. When the depth perception makes your dog larger...

7. “This pumpkin making its way through a fence”

8. “The stair slide: the fastest way to get downstairs!”

9. “Maybe I should go that way...”

10. “The way this mushroom grew around a tree branch”

11. “It looks like my bridesmaid wore a white sleeve on one arm.”

12. “A floating back tire”

13. “One of these is a doorway and one is a full-length mirror. Guess which one I walked into.”

14. “It freaked me out at first, but then I saw that the kitten is sitting between the dog’s paws.”

15. Levitating Nike boots

16. “This double-ended giraffe”

Have you ever stumbled upon a situation that made you look twice before you understood it? Do you have a pic you can share with us? Which one did you see as most confusing from this collection?


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