18 Couples Share Cute Things They Do to Keep the Spark in Their Relationship

2 years ago

Having a good sense of humor doesn’t only make you more attractive, but it can also impact your relationship in a very positive way. Both partners seem to enjoy their time together a lot more, although women tend to value humor a bit more than men. The bottom line is that keeping a long-term relationship isn’t easy, and that’s why doing small things on the daily can help a ton.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves seeing couples flourish no matter how many years go by, and these 18 pictures will surely touch you.

1. “My wife slid me this french fry yesterday.”

2. “My wife said she wanted a small coffee table.”

3. “The husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new mattress... It was for the cat.”

4. “I’m no barista, but I add a foam heart to my husband’s coffee every day.”

5. “I’m lucky to have a husband that keeps me laughing basically every moment we’re together.”

6. “When you have candles but not the ’right’ ones for your wife’s thirty-ninth birthday”

7. “My parents are monsters to have carpeted over hardwood, but their love is still going strong 30 years later.”

8. “I let my husband decorate the bathroom.”

9. “My husband, who has never made a cake in his life, baked me this taco cake from scratch!”

10. “I asked my partner for a Q-tip (cotton swab). I was literally dying laughing!”

11. “When I ask my husband to cut vents in the turkey pot pie...”

12. “My husband started seventeenth grade (his master’s program) on the same day my daughter started fifth grade.”

13. “My husband is going to be 37 this month and we got his first-ever pet today.”

14. “Married 17 years, found this packed in my lunch box today. I guess my wife wins.”

15. “When you ask your husband if he’d like to trade seats so he can appreciate the view, and he says no because he has the best view in the house”

16. “My friend finished wrapping his wife’s presents. The left one is some perfume, and the right one is a sweater.”

17. “My wife and I decided to mess with our contractor...”

18. “My costume was quite popular. My husband was walking behind us laughing. I don’t like being the center of attention but this was fun.”

What is the sweetest or funniest thing your partner has done for you that made you feel like the luckiest person in the world?

Preview photo credit jcmatthews66 / Reddit


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