15 Seemingly Innocuous Habits That Undoubtedly Signal Self-Esteem Issues in a Person

5 months ago

Many people struggle with self-esteem issues, and it often hinders life. People shared signs indicating a person tends to doubt themselves. If you or someone close exhibits such behavior, boosting self-esteem is crucial — remember, each of us is unique and valuable.

  • Someone who makes a valid, well-constructed point in the conversation but ends it with something like ’’..if that makes sense’’, ’’I’m not sure but yeah’’. © smailija / Reddit
  • In high school, I had several girls tell me their friend liked me and I was never sure if it was true or not but I accepted that they were just making fun of me. © SolidusReps / Reddit
  • Assuming that you’re always on the cusp of annoying everyone you’re with or that you’re never actually part of the group and only invited out of pity. © cyo85 / Reddit
  • People who brag about themselves all the time. So darn insecure and trying to tell people how to see them. © Kir-ius / Reddit
  • Thinking that everything bad someone tells you is true, but the second someone compliments you, you just can’t seem to accept it. © PansPersonCrazy / Reddit
  • On a similar note: You are able to point out what you need to work on/your weaknesses during your review with your employer, but you can’t name a single strength of yours. My boss said that I must be able to name at least one thing that I think I’m strong at, and I drew a blank. Luckily my old boss (who was now his boss) was able to rattle off a few, but the entire time I’m like (nope, that doesn’t apply to me). © ExcellentPreference8 / Reddit
  • Saying you wish you had someone else’s features. I’m pretty sure everyone’s done it, but once you keep doing it I feel like it becomes a problem. © JayIsUnemployedd / Reddit
  • Apologizing for talking. Apologizing for not talking. Apologizing for apologizing. Apologizing for being alive. © Ectophylla_alba / Reddit
  • Self-effacing humor is fun in small amounts, but if people are constantly making “jokes” about their own flaws, they’re probably actually internalizing a lot of it. © Notmiefault / Reddit
  • Someone who talks themselves down a lot. It’s a way for them to protect themselves from the insults of others. © aardbei123 / Reddit
  • I cross-stitch, and some of my pieces are very intricate and take a long time. I am really proud of them, and the focus it takes to complete them.
    I had a date tell me that cross-stitch was the most useless hobby he had ever heard of, and I was just flabbergasted. First off, why do hobbies have to be “useful”? Secondly, it provides me with entertainment for a long time, and it then serves as decoration! But even without all that, if I enjoy it, why try and take that away from me? © AhFFSImTooOldForThis / Reddit
  • Over-clarifying too much. People who grow up with lots of criticism and invalidation usually lack self-esteem. They often feel like they have to be super-specific to avoid more criticism or accusations of lying. © copperdomebodhi / Reddit
  • Lying about their lives. There is nothing sadder than catching a person lying about their life (finances, romantic relationships, etc.) just to get attention and validation. © o_oana / Reddit
  • A complete inability to admit wrongdoing. A person like that isn’t super-confident and their ego is so fragile that they can’t handle the possibility of having been in error. © grombleduke / Reddit
  • Constantly needing reassurance that your spouse loves you still. Feeling super insecure in the relationship, even after being together through thick and thin for 30 years. Breaks my heart. © Indy_Fred_Momma / Reddit
  • Putting down other’s hobbies because you are insecure about yours/don’t have any. © FROGS_and_PLANTS / Reddit
  • When someone sets unrealistic goals, they’re often afraid to embrace vulnerability and can only accept themselves as perfect—without any trace of fear or typical human flaws.

Bonus: Dove has created a wonderful ad inviting others to raise the self-esteem of young girls.

These women are the ones to learn self-appreciation from. They’ve ditched stereotypes and societal expectations, choosing to live life on their own terms.


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