15 Women Who Swapped Unattainable Beauty Standards for Inner Peace

2 years ago

Shaving every two days, plucking our eyebrows once a week, and fad diets — these are some of the things we, as women, have to go through. The truth is, we don’t really have to. We can leave our armpit hair alone, enjoy a big slice of cheesecake, and love our bodies to the max — we are the bosses of our lives.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is in awe of women who live by their own standards, and here are some that taught us a thing or two.

1. “I’ve gotten to a point where I completely forget that having armpit hair is uncommon.”

2. “I used to hate my wide nose, but once I realized it’s my mom’s nose too, it became my favorite part of my face.”

3. “After years of struggling with my self-esteem due to my bald patches showing, I decided to get rid of what made me so unhappy, and I think I’m gonna rock this look!”

4. “A reminder that all bodies are bikini bodies”

5. “Plus-sized and pregnant with my second — honestly, I’ve never felt more beautiful!”

6. "I may have some rolls, but who doesn’t love biscuits?"’

7. “I’m slowly starting to work on loving myself and not getting too immersed in that social media ’perfect body’ representation; I’m slowly getting there.”

8. “I went to the beach, and for the first time in my life, I enjoyed myself instead of scrutinizing how I looked.”

9. “Today is my thirtieth birthday. I’d usually wear something black and baggy, but after one year of self-love, I bought myself my first sparkly (and fitted-ish) dress!”

10. “Sometimes I feel like my mom-tummy ruins everything, but today has been a good body day, so I’m celebrating that small victory!”

11. “I got some new stuff at the mall, and this is your reminder that your tummy does not need to be perfectly flat! All tummies are valid and cute. 💕”

12. “I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear this dress outside!”

13. “This is a reminder to you all that you can have cellulite and spider veins and still be hot!”

14. “So much fur, I feel like a little bear or something!”

“It’s beautiful either way! 😍” ChasteMade / Reddit

15. “I’m feeling brave and not wearing anything to cover up my chin acne.”

In your group of friends, have you noticed women are becoming more body-positive? How do you talk to yourself about your body? Do you believe we care less about beauty standards as we age?

Preview photo credit mmmickeyy / Reddit


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