15+ Tattoos That Will Make You Think Twice Before Inking

5 months ago

The choice to get a tattoo is as diverse as the people making them. For some, it’s a lengthy, well-thought-out process, while for others, it’s a spur-of-the-moment, emotional decision. The majority of ink lovers in our compilation seem to lean towards the spontaneous end of the spectrum. Nonetheless, even those who carefully select their tattoos may find themselves with a controversial piece, as seen in the final picture.

1. “Tattoo artist gave my spider 9 legs.”

2. “So this kid walked into my friend’s tattoo shop.”

3. “The sketch I made for my tattoo vs What I ended up with”

4. Treble clef tattoo

5. “Her tattoo says ‘fresh spring rolls’ in Thai.”

6. “My friend got a tattoo... she had no idea.”

7. “My wife and I had matching tattoos planned. I went first, hers was scheduled for a week after that. That was 4 days ago, 2 days ago we decided to get a divorce due to obviously unforeseen unfortunate circumstances. I’m an idiot.”

8. “My friend got a tattoo.”

9. “My friend bought a tattoo gun on amazon for £100. Tattooed Darth Vader on himself.”

10. “A relative of mine got a tattoo recently and didn’t double-check the spelling.”

11. “A friend of mine got a tattoo of some flowers, looks... Great!”

12. “So my buddy’s step-sister got a tattoo of her mother...”

13. “My awesome Star Wars tattoo”

14. “A buddy of mine has a friend who gave himself this in the 8th grade.”

15. “I heard we were doing fake henna tattoo screw ups. This happened to me in Mexico a couple years ago.”

16. Well, this word is not easy to spell, so...

As we wrap up this exploration of tattoos that provoke second thoughts, a new chapter awaits. Get ready to delve into the intriguing world of ink with our upcoming piece, where we unravel 15 more tattoos that might just make you raise an eyebrow.

Preview photo credit Coffin_Nail / Reddit


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