15 Tattoos That Will Make You Ask “Seriously?”

2 years ago

Getting a bad tattoo can be because of a variety of reasons, such as bad taste or choosing a bad artist. Sometimes, though, even if someone’s taste is questionable, the result can be magnificent. All these things can result in tattoos that give all of us something to look at and talk about.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to show you 15 tattoo designs that can create a variety of emotions.

“Guy came in with this tattoo, 10/10.”

When you don’t know who you like more, John Lennon or Harry Potter.

When the tattoo artist is in a playful mood

Jon Sand?

He’s got eyes in the back of his head.

This guy’s argyle sock tattoos

Do you want to look luxurious? Become luxury yourself!

“What kind of tattoo do I want? I dunno, I like cats and pizza.”

“It’s so bad that it has to be intentional.”

“The exact print of my future tattoo!”

Marilyn Monroe, is that you?

An original way to disguise a burn scar

In theory, he could work at a bank with a tattoo like this.

When you’ve always dreamt of becoming a star pilot and finally fulfil your dream

“Tattooed freckles look like blackheads.”

Did you ever get a really unsuccessful tattoo and how did it happen? Did you choose the wrong artist or you just didn’t think about your design carefully enough?

Preview photo credit lovegoldengirls / reddit


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