15+ Times People Snapped Perfect Shots Without Realizing it

year ago

Optical illusions may be incredibly intriguing, since they challenge people to examine the same image from various angles while trying to decipher how it was all done or what magic is concealed beneath. Time is a key component in creating illusions; sometimes people are able to take images and only discover later that they have created something that is more than just a plain image but can be viewed indefinitely without getting tired.

1. She was slowly slurping her hair.

2. “My levitating kid on the ice rink.”

3. It gets weirder and weirder the more we stare at it.

4. Her arm seems to disappear.

5. “A northern harrier flying low over a field, dropping its special delivery.”

6. “What big eyes you have.”

7. “My brother appears to be morphing straight through me.”

8. “Intersecting floofers”

9. “I’m confused.”

10. “My very long dog”

11. “Baby face.”

12. “This cow has no body.”

13. “My sister was pouring milk on her pickles.”

14. “My dogs legs.”

15. 2 dogs in one body

16. “Managed perfect timing while soap bubbles flew between the camera and the kiddo.”

17. “My cat only has a head and 2 legs.”

18. “Imprints from clothing.”

19. “We’re both watching you, hooman.”

20. “Weird position to be sitting in...”

21. A perfectly timed shot of a floating rock

22. “My cat has been impaled, apparently.”

Are you yourself a master of timing? Have you ever taken a picture that at first glance appears to be an illusion?


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